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Upcoming meeting: Poland (European Union), Warsaw, October 14th, 2011

Gold sponsor

ZeroPark was founded on the basic belief that the value of an internet visitor is significantly higher than parking companies are willing and/or able to pay. Why should domain traffic monetization revenues be capped by high rev shares imposed by Google and then on top of that the rev shares of traditional parking companies? This leaves the domainer with a small percentage of the total revenue earned per click which we believe shouldn’t be the case.

That is exactly why we started looking into alternative sources of revenue for domain traffic. After months of testing and experimentation, and reaching RPMs significantly higher than earned by the same domains with parking companies; we decided to open up our platform to the public.

We have ambitious plans to become the hybrid domain traffic monetization network with methods ranging from promoting CPA offers, to selling direct domain traffic to advertisers utilizing the newest technologies in IP intelligence.

Silver sponsors

Michau Enterprises Ltd. is an undisputed leader in the secondary domain name market in Poland. Dropped.pl, a website owned by the company, has been the first to offer domain dropcatching services in Poland, and still retains a dominant position in this market. The second website, AfterMarket.pl, is the largest Polish domain marketplace, where hundreds of domain sale transactions take place every month. Other provided services include domain registrations and tasting, WLS registrations, domain parking (with NameDrive Ltd.), and Escrow transactions for buying and selling domains. As a domain registrar, Michau Enterprises Ltd. shows unprecedented growth in the Polish market, having reached a spot within top NASK partners within just few months. Because of elimination of paperwork for domain transfers, and very low renewal prices, it has become one of the preferred registrars among domain investors. New services are added every month, as a response to the growth of domain aftermarket in Poland.

EuroDNS is a leading Domain name Registrar specialized in International Domain extensions. Based in Luxembourg with branch offices in Europe, the USA and Asia with AsiaDNS, EuroDNS serves a large variety of clients ranging from SMEs to some of the world’s largest Domain Investors and offers dedicated naming solutions to Trademark holders. By strongly participating in leading industry forums including ICANN and the International Trademark Association, EuroDNS seeks to promote e-Commerce and wider Internet adoption.

Bronze sponsors

Since 2005, NameDrive has defined itself through excellence in customer service and maximizing individual domain performance. Our ever-growing range of services now caters to over 60,000 clients worldwide and serves hundreds of millions of page impressions per month. Domain Parking – as global as the Internet – ND parked pages display in 21 languages, our homepage displays in 7 different languages and our customer care professionals typically speak at least two languages, ensuring a comprehensive experience for both ND clients and web visitors to ND landing pages. NDX Market – Secure, fast, and professional domain selling – NameDrive expanded into the domain aftermarket space to keep pace with the client demands for a fast, professional and secure domain selling environment. In addition, special NDX Auctions now offer professional certified buyers a selection of quality domain names with reasonable reserve prices.

premium.pl is a state-of-the-art domain panel, allowing for registration and maintenance of Polish, European and global domains, as well as domain transactions and access to broad selection of domain tools. We offer cheap renewals, domain auctions (traditional, Dutch and buy-now offers), innovative purchase options such as domain leasing and installment payments, all transactions secured with escrow, instant domain transfer and secure ownership change. Handy domain panel: When creating the premium.pl panel, we focused on safety and comfort of our users. Easy bulk operations, dns configuration, redirections, statistics, authcodes and various domain tools – are free of charge and always at hand. Cheap domain renewals: Thanks to premium.pl, keeping domains is cheaper than ever. Regular renewal price of .pl domains is only 50 PLN – lowest among the top ten of Polish registrars. Promotional prices can be even lower! Efficient dropcatching: premium.pl has a long tradition of highly efficient catching of expired domains. We realise 50% to 75% of our customers’ orders for dropping domains and work every day to make it even higher. Try us! Safe domain market: Our domain market lists thirty thousand of domains for sale. Transactions are just a few clicks through, and at the same time 100% secured with escrow procedures. Buying? Selling? Still searching? premium.pl domain market is a great place for you!

Lanyards Sponsor

Sedo, an acronym for “Search Engine for Domain Offers”, is the leading domain marketplace and monetization provider. Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., Sedo has assembled the world’s largest database of domain names for sale, with more than 15 million listings. The success of Sedo’s model has attracted a global membership base of more than 900,000 domain professionals. Sedo is majority-owned by AdLINK Group, which is part of the German United Internet AG. Sedo offers regional versions of its site for the UK (Sedo.co.uk), France (Sedo.fr), Germany (Sedo.de), and Spain (Sedo.com).

NetArt was established in 1997 and provides extensive customer services in domain names registration and domain brokerage services. The company also offers hosting services and creating websites. The number of domains operated by NetArt is more than 500,000 what gives a leading position in domain registration and hosting services. The company serves more than 300,000 Customers and owns 30% share in the market of Polish commercial Internet services. NetArt is the largest employer in Poland among companies offering domain registration and hosting services, and is one of the largest employers in the Polish Internet industry – employs over 200 people. NetArt works in partnership with NASK and EURid and is the first Polish Registrar being accredited by ICANN. Thanks to that, the company is providing maximum safety of the operated domains. NetArt provides services on the basis of our own Data Center located in Cracow. Own infrastructure ensures independence from outside telecommunication operators guaranteeing an almost 100% reliability. The CRM system provides the highest quality service and guaranties automatic and safe services 24 hours a day. The system is integrated with the most important payment channels available on the Internet which makes it possible to activate on-line services. The high efficiency of the CRM gives the possibility to serve over 1 million transactions per year. NetArt services are provided in the following product categories: nazwa.pl and serwery.pl.


Grupa training&consulting is a training and consulting company founded in 2005. Our training courses aim to develop individuals’ and teams’ competencies crucial to achieving attaining an organizations’ business objectives. We perform human resource consultancy projects and provide executive coaching. We create unique negotiation training programs and projects for our clients, basing on our extensive experience and modern management theories. Since 2007 we have been running a year-long Group Training School for trainers, psychologists and educators. The School prepares for obtaining to qualify for the Polish Psychological Association’s trainer recommendations. In 2008 we established Poland’s first 1-year business practice-based Negotiation School. The Negotiation School is a training program for managers, sellers, buyers, sales personnel, mediators and all those who use negotiations to achieve their business objectives. It’s a comprehensive program for improving of all the main competencies required for effective negotiations.

We are the only ICANN accredited registrar in the Czech Republic. With seven years of experience in high-tech marketing we are offering our clients wide range of more than 300 TLDs. We are currently managing over 245.000 domains and bringing the world´s highest standard in the field of domain registrations and management. We do not only want to resell domains to our partners but primarily to provide them the best services they can have. Using our own accreditation, we guarantee a direct path between the customer and registry without any other intermediaries. Our products are designed particularly for entities with large number of domains such as graphic studios, web hostings and global companies, accredited registrars and domainers. We are able to register any domain worldwide upon meeting specific conditions of particular TLD. Our own, in-house developed, fully automated system is saving time of our clients. Join our unique registrar panel, the reseller programme or start managing your domains easily with subreg.eu – for easier and very effective domainer’s life.

Since 1993 we have been successfully providing businesses with comprehensive financial and accounting services. Our accountancy office is certified by Ministry of Finance. We are currently providing services to more than 130 enterprises ranging from sole traders to joint-stock companies at both national and international level. We try hard to adjust our services to the particular activity of our clients; hence, our offer is always individually tailored. We ensure complete accounting and tax advisory services along with guidance on human resources and payroll matters. We provide accounting services in English, German and Russian.

brokerdomen.pl is a high value .pl domain broker. If you have valuable portfolio of .pl domain names brokerdomen.pl will help in finding the right buyer for your domains.

MU Interactive Media is the leader in live TV streaming, multimedia production and video systems on the Internet in Poland. We have a long-term experience in telecommunication, IT and we are the owner of the first interactive Internet TV in our country. Our mission is to create and develop new media, from both sides: the technical one and the other nowadays extremely essential that is the content. We know how to use their values, we invent unconventional solutions, test new technologies and initiate innovative web sites and portals.

Innovation Way is a training and consulting project which helps you to develop creative thinking skills. We also support you in introducing ideas into practice. What is creativity? A creative person is the one who has the knowledge, skills and motivation to create new and valuable things for himself or his environment. It is Einstein, founders of Google or a person who develop websites. It is also you. You have lots of ideas but do not know where to start? Are you a person whose job is to constantly generate ideas? Wondering how to choose the best idea to implement? For these and similar questions you will find the answer during the workshops with the Innovation Way’s trainers.

Service DomDomen.pl is a unique portfolio of excellent domains (.pl) with a public access to them. They are all owned by one company. In the portfolio one can find short generic names from TLD.pl. For convenience all domains are grouped and categorized: Business/Finances/Culinary/Travel. Thanks to that you can easily find the best fitting domain to your business or startup. Our domains: przyprawy.pl (spices), lofty.pl (lofts), rasy.pl (breeds), interesy.pl (businesses), legendy.pl (legends), zwiedzanie.pl (sightseeing), dworek.pl (manor), centrumlotnicze.pl (flightcentre), wykonawcy.pl (contractors), przetwory.pl (preserves).

KopalniaDomen.pl is a well-know name on a secondary domain market. Leszek Sękowski is the owner of domains which are available in Kopalnia Domen. He is an investor on the internet domain market and he participates actively in the secondary domain market in Poland. At the moment there are about 1000 domains in the Kopalnia Domen’s database. They stem from different fields and are divided in 30 categories. KopalniaDomen.pl makes it possible to buy a chosen domain, lease it or redirect it to other web site. Due to the fact that Kopalnia Domen has been present on the market for quite a long time it guarantees safety and smooth transactions. Leszek Sękowski supports with his domains non-profit organizations, is interested in new projects and start-ups.

DomenyMedyczne.pl is a service specializing in the sale of medical domains. Currently more than 300 valuable domains related to health, psychology, pharmacy, cosmetics and veterinary medicine are offered. Number of domains on offer is growing all the time. With a narrow specialization and a good categorization of domains the client has the ability to quickly familiarize himself /herself with the domains offered on the site. Sending a query directly to a subscriber of the realm would be conducive to rapid and efficient contact. The offer includes such domains as: chirurgiaplastyczna.pl, neurolog.pl, lecznica.pl, psycholodzy.pl, dermabrazja.pl.

ddfund.eu (domain development fund) is the first fund in Poland and one of the first ones in the world, which focuses on investing in the internet domain market. Some of the names in our portfolio: pr.pl, money.eu, r.pl or historia.pl (history). We develop internet projects as well. brokerdomen.pl is domain brokerage service for high value domain names. There are also other websites dedicated to domain market that are waiting in our pipeline.

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