Chris Kowalczyk
HardGamma Ventures

Chris Kowalczyk is an entrepreneur, strategy consultant (UBIK BC) and early stage investor (hardGAMMA Ventures). Co-founded and invested in several startups –, (Seedcamp’09 winner), and Mentor at Seedcamp (MiniSC WAW’09, SCW’09, MiniSC Prague’10), Springboard, Startup BootCamp and referrer with Before starting his own company he worked for Procter & Gamble, Lycos Europe/Lycos Poland and McKinsey&Company. For several years he was MIS lecturer with the Warsaw Executive MBA Program (Carlson School of Management University of Minnesota). In 2007 he co-founded leading Polish startup scene barcamp-type startup meetups, Aula Polska. He is a member of Mensa Poland and founding member of The Internet Society (ISOC) Poland.

Ewa Kastory
Grupa training&consulting

Psychologist, a trainer recommended by the Polish Psychological Association. Certified International Coaching Community Coach, graduate of Universite Des Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg and Warsaw University. She completed the School of Business Trainers and the Group Training Course. As consultant and trainer, she carries out complex organizational development projects and implements personally developed training programs in the area of social and organizational support for enterprises. Author of unique negotiation training programs and projects. Responsible for the content of the Grupa training and consulting Negotiation School,

Ola Sitarska
CEO & Founder

I’m nineteen years old serial startuper and django developer. I’m studying Computer Science on Warsaw University of Technology. I created two polish online games for teenagers: and Currently I’m the CEO of FashionStyle Sp. z o. o. I focus on, which is my first global project. In 2009 I was a part of first Startup School and two years later I was one of winners at Warsaw Startup Weekend. I don’t exists without internet.

Joanna Majewska

Interior architect by education, startupper by passion. Together with my friend, Kasia Szaszkiewicz, I am a co-owner of the Konkursy (Creative Competitions) website. A few months ago we entered with this website the LabStar competition held by Beating over 800 other ideas/teams we came to the final to win at the end. The website for creative people is the first one of around a dozen ideas for e-businesses we have come up with and plan to put into practice in the future.

Agnieszka Zdebiak
CEO & Founder

I’m creator and co-founder of II4B Internet Innovations for Business is a new but quickly developing startup. Our first product, eOffer is helping in gaining and keeping clients adjusted to the possibilities offered by the social media. I’m thoroughly overseeing the current statrup affairs. I’m constantly planning its further development. In my previous 13 year career I help many clients as a software designer, business analyst and lead tester to finish their developed projects succesfully.

Tomasz Kolinko
CEO & Founder

Serial entrepreneur. A cofounder of – a polish people search engine. Currently, the president of Motivapps – building iPhone apps that inspire and teach.

Peter Tuszynski

I’m a developer and an aspiring entrepreneur. I’ve been interested in mobile devices before applications were called apps and palmtops merged with mobile phones. I have worked for companies such as IBM, Agora and SAD. I’ve established one of the first companies that build iOS/Android/Mac software in Polad. Currently I’m concentrating developing QRcao – the next generation networking tool.

Marcin Piwecki
Wine Advisors Sp. z o.o.

Marcin Piwecki (47), MBA, entrepreneur, CEO of Wine Advisors Spółka z o.o. Since 2008 in close cooperation with IPOPEMA TFI builds polish investment wines market. Formerly connected with insurance and consulting industry. Marcin is able to connect his profound practical experience with high level business theory. His free time is devoted to three children and golf.

Piotr Konopka
Inwestycje Kapitałowe

At the beginning of my career path in financial services area I worked as specialist but after several years I achieved higher managerial position. I have been working for the biggest Polish and multinational companies. Today, using my experience in marketing, sales and business development fields, I promote alternative investment solutions. My portfolio consists of investment opportunities across a variety of different asset classes – from commodities such as gold, to renewable energy. I am also a President of the largest Polish BNI Chapter – BNI Wspólna.

Kuba Karliński
Wealth Solutions – Inwestycje Ziemskie

Kuba Karliński, CEO of Wealth Solutions – Inwestycje Ziemskie, is an entrepreneur, that deals with Land Development and Investment. He is a valued consultant, business coach and expert in strategy, product and service innovation. Kuba Karliński earned a master’s degree in management and marketing with honors from the Warsaw School of Economics.

Izabela Domagała
Senior Specialist for DNS, NASK

Since 11 years, as a worker of .pl national registry, I have been observing the development of domain name market in Poland. At the MeetDomainers I will present the latest, unpublished data about .pl. NASK is the Polish national Registry for .pl country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). Over the last years the .pl domain Registry remains the undisputed leader among the countries of European Union in terms of dynamics of the domain name growth. At the beginning of this year Registry has exceeded 2 million .pl names. The Registry operates in the Registry-Registrar model so that 98,5% of .pl domain names are serviced by more than 170 Registrars.

Robert Gryn

I’m a budding entrepreneur who’s been dabbling in all things internet since the tender age of 12. With my international background, my sights have always been on a global scale in terms of startups – seeing the online opportunities in Poland I decided to come back earlier this year to launch: With my work experience residing in the domain industry, internet marketing, and affiliate marketing; my next vision naturally came to fruition as which I will proudly be promoting, and launching @ the MeetDomainers conference.

Szymon Niemczura

I’ve got a background in finance but in my spare time I pilot gliders and I’m an overall aviation aficionado. I became a fan of the Internet in the early days of 28.8k modems and I now, with great passion, build web apps based on all the newest technologies. Over a year ago I started a web app development company (CodeWise) which I still run today with two of my buddies from college.

Michau Pleban

Michau is the founder of Michau Enterprises Ltd. – undisputed leader in the secondary domain name market in Poland. He is the owner of – domain dropcatching services in Poland and – the largest Polish domain marketplace, where hundreds of domain sale transactions take place every month.

Adam Wagner
Polish Board’s Representative at EuroDNS S.A.

Polish Board’s Representative at EuroDNS S.A., entrepreneur and investor. The owner and founder of several business ventures undertaken inside his InvestDNS Group. The expert in domain registration systems and primary as well as secondary domain market. Realizing recovery and acquisition services over his brand, Adam supplied several thousand domain names to his Polish and international Customers, gaining leadership in professional evaluation of the financial and commercial potential of domain names for specific sectors of the economy. High-reputable advisor in the field of brand management, marketing and strategic planning in enterprises. The group of customers that use His services include both corporations such as Swiss asset management Union Bancaire Privée bank based in Geneva, and KRKA pharmaceutical holding based in Slovenia, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland. Privately yacht sailor, winner several times over the podium in race classes Omega, Tourism and Open.

Agnieszka Dryzek
CEO & Founder

Since 2008 I have been working on Innovation Way training project. During my workshops I help people to find more creative solutions for better living and investments. I am a psychologist and a business trainer with certificate of TROP Academy of Business Trainers. I am in the domain business for 4 years now. As a wife of a domainer I attended lots of conferences in Europe and in the United States. Both on my personal life and business I always pay special attention to people. One of my goal is to create appropriate conditions for mutual inspiration and learning from each other. I will take care of it during the third edition of MeetDomainers. See you there!

Daniel Dryzek
CEO & Founder

I have been in domain business for over 10 years now. In the end of 2000 I set up my domain and hosting company and sold it couple of years later to a Pan-European hosting company Active 24. Since April 2009 I am the full-time domainer. I have gathered around four thousand of domains in my portfolio – mainly .pl and .eu generics. Some of my best names are,,, or (history in Polish). I follow the current trends both in Poland and abroad. I think that foreign markets are the best source of inspiration and ideas to implement in Poland. I see business from global and European perspective. My next big goal is to build multi-service ccTLD conglomerate in Europe with domain fund (, auctions, brokerage (, appraisals, domain marketplace and other services.