184,50 EUR
92,25 EUR

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MeetDomainers Fees: (Poland, Warsaw – October 14th, 2011)

Type of pass Net price incl. 23% VAT Date
Late 150 EUR 184,50 EUR till October 10th, 2011
Spouse Pass * 75 EUR 92,25 EUR till October 10th, 2011


* lectures and live domain auction not included in Spouse Pass


Since the services are rendered “on site”, foreign participants cannot be exempted from paying VAT.

What is included in MeetDomainers Pass?


- entrance to the whole conference
- live domain name auction – the only one in Poland!
- lots of excellent food and drinks (royalty lunches, Polish beer, wine, snacks and beverages)
- Friday evening party: food, vodka, drinks and chat with the celebrities of domain industry
- conference bag full of souvenirs from our Sponsors
- unforgettable impressions, new friends and new ideas!


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